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Our team is not afraid of challenges. We are passionate about the customer experience and end result. We want every homeowner to feel like they have the best roof on the block. 

  • Kayla Buchmeier McGill

    Kayla Buchmeier McGill

    Hi, my name is Kayla Buchmeier McGill. Growing up in a small town, I didn’t get a lot of exposure to business and what it meant to be an entrepreneur at heart. I went to college and got my Masters in Counseling, where I have worked with a variety of clients; individual, couples, family, at-risk youth in a residential treatment facility, adults with disabilities. When I met my husband, I realized that I had the entrepreneurial spirit just like him. I joined CCG in 2016 full time and have gotten to work side by side with him in helping CCG reach its full potential.

    I enjoy working with our small team, because we all have the same “why”. We want to be successful, but we also find satisfaction in creating an experience for our customers that take a (sometimes) stressful situation into an experience of excitement!

    Your home is where you spend time with your family, experience firsts with your kids, host events and where life happens most and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of those moments. When you choose CCG to complete a project, we take that job very seriously and want you to enjoy that home without any worries during the process or our workmanship after the project is long completed.

    Dane and I have 3 awesome kids; Karson, Tenley, and Cruz. We love traveling and adventuring with them all over Colorado and the US. Being alum of Nebraska University, I find it important to teach my kids the importance of rooting for the Huskers.

  • Phil Lobo

    Phil Lobo

    Proud member of the CCG Roofing family.

    I have been in the roofing world for about a decade. Starting out with seamless gutter and other sheet metal components, then supervision of commercial roofing, I have had the opportunity to oversee all aspects of roofing installation over the years.

    I am able to be involved in project planning and logistics from start to finish and work closely with the team to execute well on every Task we take on. I love to learn and CCG affords me the opportunity to attend many continuing education courses focused on staying up to date on roofing products available in the industry and best installation practices.

    Roofing is our job but taking care of clients is what we really do. I have found my home here because every person within the organization puts CCG clients needs first.

    I was married to my beautiful woman in 2019 and now get to enjoy life with her on a daily basis, life is good.

    I am a grateful Colorado native, Lucky to have grown up in this amazing state and try to take advantage of all the awesome activities so readily available. Hiking, camping, fishing, snowboarding, the list goes on and on.

  • Dane McGill

    Dane McGill

    A true at entrepreneur at heart, I started CCG with one main goal. To be the best. There are a variety of roofing companies out there and we just want to be one of the “good guys”.  Our team is built of members with one MAJOR thing in common; positive attitudes. Anyone in the construction industry knows that no matter how good of a planner you are, things happen. We always stand by our work and take pride in our completed project. I lead the team to always handle situations as if they were handling their own project. 

    Challenges are something I welcome. I love getting calls when people ask “Can you do this…” . My wife says I am a dreamer, but we love all the adventures that we are encountering on this crazy journey called life.

    When I am not working on the business, you can find me cheering on our local sports teams and taking my kids on hikes.

  • Stephen Gentile

    Stephen Gentile

    I was born and raised in Salida Colorado. I grew up believing in small town ideals like a sense of community and hard work. I went to college and played basketball in Iowa and received my degree in Business Administration and Sports Management. After graduating I coached college basketball for 2 years before I found the competitive environment in the roofing industry to be an ideal fit for my personality.

    I have found my home at CCG after getting married and moving back to Colorado to start a family. I am passionate about the success of CCG and the peace of mind of my clients.

    I believe what separates us from other companies is our commitment to client relationships. 

    In my time away from work I enjoy spending time with my family, staying fit and being with my family. My wife and I have a toddler and we find it highly entertaining to explore the world with her.

  • Gregory G.

    Gregory G.

    I am proud to be a a new(er) member of the CCG roofing family. Before joining CCG I worked in the roofing industry in the Indianapolis area for four years. I have worked in marketing and in production mostly, but am always willing to learn new things for the good of the team.

    I have found a home at CCG because I feel I have found a place where everyone really cares about the client experience. We try to treat your home like our own and make the insurance claim process as painless as possible. This is a complicated industry, and it feels good to be one of the good guys that have homeowners best interests at heart.

    In my free time I enjoy working out, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with my beautiful family. My brother also works at CCG and I consider it a unique blessing to be able to work with family and I am very grateful for CCG for giving me that opportunity.

  • Tristan Bruns

    Tristan Bruns

  • Dale Moore

    Dale Moore

    Dale Moore is the consummate salesmen with a unique charismatic personality (backed by altruistic ethic, moral and values). His enthusiasm started at the age of 8 when he picked his families garden clean so he could sell the fresh produce. He made 15 bucks and survived to tell the story, thanks to his sisters who covered for him. He also earned the prize of being the top sales position for his childhood baseball team. When Dale began his journey in construction/roofing he was able contract a large job only 3 months into his endeavor, just proving how he isn’t afraid to step up for any opportunity.

    Dale is passionate about the needs and goals of his clients. He specializes in working with adjusters in maximizing each claim, giving his customers more peace of mind that their home is being taken care of. You can find Dale in his free time throwing balls for his dog Nelson, mountain biking, or just enjoying the great outdoors here in Colorado.

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