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Is a metal roof in Fort Collins, CO right for you? Maybe. They have some pros and cons. They are the best choice for some people, but the wrong choice for others.


As metal roofing contractors, our favorite things about metal roofs are:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Durability
  • Weight


It is hard to beat the durability of a quality metal roof. Metal roofs last about three times as long as asphalt shingles. Metal will not crack or tear. Metal roofs can stand up to more brutal weather.


Metal roofs protect without the weight. They are lighter than tile, shingles, clays, and concretes.

Energy Efficiency

Some roofing materials like asphalt absorb tons of sunshine. That can send your summer temperatures soaring. Metal roofs reflect sunlight and heat.


There are some downsides to metal roofs. These include

  • Noise
  • Surface Damage
  • Cost


The sound of rain on a tin roof has a romantic appeal. For some people, the reality is more distracting. That means that whether the noise is a pro or a con is subjective.

Not sure how you feel about it? We suggest spending time in a building with a metal roof before buying one.

Surface Damage

Metal roofing services can be demanding for budget-friendly products. They can be prone to dents and rust. Rusting may require coating roofs to protect them. Minor dents are unlikely to impact the roof’s integrity but might not look great.


The initial cost might scare you away from metal roof installation. Metal roofs do cost more upfront. However, their longer lifespan means fewer replacements.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Janet Sala

Dale Moore with CCG was referred to me by a neighbor, so I called to make an appointment. Dale was very responsive , on time and thoroughly explained what my roof issue was and the repair I needed. The repair and the cost to repair were both very reasonable.

Karen Swartwout

We just had our roof replaced by CCG Roofing, Stephen was in charge of the work and the process of replacing the roof. Great personality and person to work with, the roof looks great. I am very happy with the end results, good looking roof and great people to work with, thanks everyone that I had contact with.

Greg Davis

They did a great job on our roof. Dale was an experienced pro and answered all of our questions. We did have one minor glitch in the roof, and they came out and repaired no questions asked. They also said they are available anytime we see anything else. Great customer service!

Danielle Backer

We contracted with CCG to replace our roof due to hail. I did my research prior, and found they had a great reputation with the BBB. I got several quotes, and I ended up going with CCG only because when they came out, they not only went up on our roof, they walked around with my husband and I, and were really able to dial in exactly what we wanted.

Ian Toner

Dale and Phil spent a ton of their time investigating, diagnosing and trying to recreate my roofing/siding leak issue. They provided multiple repair options with fair estimates and walked me through their thinking in detail, even recommending the less expensive option.

Jade Pender

CCG is the gold standard in roofing, waterproofing, and project management along the Front Range. They excel in complex projects that other companies wouldn't dare to touch. Their craftsmanship is the best in the industry. What makes them the perfect fit for any project is joining craftsmanship with proactive, professional, friendly communication, and exceptional project management.

Casey Biegelsen

Stephen is a terrific manager of the process and he and his crew are very knowledgeable - completely answering every question we had. They were all considerate of our garden and did a great job of cleaning up afterward. Further, they have a depth of understanding of the requirements of insurance companies and helped us navigate the finances as well.

Sara Demianycz

Highly recommend CCG Roofing!! They replaced our roof after recent hail damage and they were wonderful people to work with. Stephen was an excellent communicator, explained each step of the process, and worked closely with our insurance to make sure we were getting exactly what we needed.

Bonnie Gibbons

I am really happy with the repair that CCG performed on my roof. Dale was pleasant and professional, worked quickly and showed me before and after pictures of the repair. A tree had damaged a small area in the front and he was able to match the shingles so that it blends seemlessly.

Don G

Such a great experience with a team of professionals to make sure everything was done right! We couldn’t be happier with a fantastic looking roof and the awesome customer service from start to finish from the entire crew! Stephen was great at communicating and explaining all the steps to the process. Dane took care to meet with the insurance adjuster to ensure we got all that we needed.

Todd Sivers

CCG Roofing was a pleasure to work with. Steven and Kayla kept me up to date with scheduling, material deliver, and installation. Steve came and worked with my insurance adjuster and helped advise me on my insurance claim. I would definitely recommend CCG. I have a new roof and it was done in a couple days. I have no complaints. They did a great job!
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Roofing problem? We can solve it!

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